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Please be aware that due to the size of the venues, seats are EXTREMELY LIMITED, and tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you want to secure your seat, then you need to act fast! If you decide to come back tomorrow, we can’t guarantee that places will still be available at the venue of your choice. Products and services will be offered at the end of the presentation if you wish to further your education.
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All advice given is general advice only. Past performance is no guarantee or reliable indication of future results. No consideration has been given or will be given to the recipients’ individual investment objectives, financial situation or specific needs. Investments can rise and fall in value. The decision to invest or trade and the method selected is a personal decision and may involve an inherent level of risk. Although every effort will be made to explain the risks associated with the strategies, not all risks can or will be explained in any format. The information is provided solely for general educational purposes and neither purports nor intends to be advice.

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Will George be running this workshop again soon?
Possibly, but why risk it. George truly loves seeing other people have the same success that he is fortunate to have.
While he loves speaking he could easily never speak at an event again, so we can’t guarantee he will be back.
What if the stock market goes down?
It will. That’s one thing you can count on.
Stock markets – like life – have their ups and downs. The world’s an uncertain place: there’s the risk of war, recessions, oil price hikes, Bieber-fever. But if history is any guide, the stock market will still be the best place to invest for the long term.
But Isn’t Trading Risky?
Trading is only as risky as you make it. There are different strategies for each person depending on how aggressively you want to profit, or if you want to minimise risks and just enjoy a second income that’s okay too.
How much do I need to start investing?
You can get started in the share market with as little as a $2,000-$5,000 USD.
Can I bring a friend?
Of course! We want to get these strategies into as many hands as possible so that any true blue aussie can earn an income investing on the stock market.
How do I know which stocks to buy?
It’s easier than you think. Start by investing in just one company (with a view to building a diversified portfolio over time).
Why is the workshop free?
This workshop is free because George Fokas is inspired to help as many people as possible break free from the rat race and live an amazing life. Free workshops make it easier to reach far more people. We also want you to experience for yourself the same amazing possibilities that thousands of our members did. If you like the information and the opportunity this can bring you, then perhaps some time in the future, you’ll become a member in one of our paid courses. So it’s a win win.


After paying the mortgage, childcare expenses, taxes and rising grocery prices, you have hardly any money left to take a holiday and enjoy life.

Many people worry about funding their retirement, so they try to put a few extra dollars away. That's commendable, but the cost of living will continue outrunning your paycheque. At this rate, you'll never be able to retire.

These are typical financial challenges faced by our members before learning our strategies:

  • Expenses regularly overtake your salary, and you struggle to pay bills
  • You miss out on family time to work more hours and pay down debts
  • You put off needed repairs and purchases because there's no money
  • Others seem to be getting ahead, whilst you are left behind struggling
  • Money concerns are on your mind quite a bit, far more than they should be

Most of our members started out this way. There's no shame in struggling.

It's time you decided to stop lying down and taking it.

Relief is almost here!

Instead of always hustling to keep your neck above water, Fokas Beyond can put you on a path to grow true wealth via a new monthly income stream.

One of the most common questions I get from people is, "If this strategy is so great, why are you showing it to people for free?"

It's a great question - and here's why:

Before I became successful I really struggled - I lost a lot of money trying to do things on my own and life was pretty miserable. But then a mentor stepped in, showed me the way to build wealth and generate a real monthly income with the stock market.

His guidance made all the difference on my path to success, and now I have a strong sense of responsibility to "pay it forward" and help as many people as possible. Just as my mentor helped me.

That's why I now spend 7 months per year travelling the world teaching people my strategies.

I want to prove to you what's possible when you have proven strategy and the courage to act on it...

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You're invited to attend a Fokas Beyond
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Join renowned international investment advisor George Fokas for a fun, informative evening about creating a monthly income with the stock market.

Banks and investment houses have been using this simple strategy to generate profit from the stock market since 1974. But most small investors have never even heard of it...

This secret investing method is designed to protect 90%-99% of your capital, and generates a monthly income no matter if the market goes up, down or sideways. 

The strategy can be implemented in as little as 60 minutes a month, and is so simple, one of our members Skylar, a 10-year-old girl, was able to use it to make money...

People with little trading experience usually learn this system quicker than seasoned traders with bad memories of stock market losses.

We'll show you how you could become a profitable investor in just one to three months. Join us at the workshop, then take the time to understand and apply the strategy.

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  • How to earn an additional income anywhere in the world in an average of just 60 minutes a month
  • How to keep investments earning income - regardless of which way the market moves
  • George's tested system to choose the best stocks, protecting up to 99% of your investment
  • Avoiding three common mistakes average traders make when investing in the stock market
  • How to squeeze every penny of profit out of your investment and minimise investment risks
  • Why maintaining your investments yourself is safer than leaving it to a financial “expert”
  • Why you lost money in the stock market in the past, and how to avoid losses in the future

And much more…

Hey, you'll never get rich keeping your money in a bank account. Banks pay only a couple of stingy percentage points. These small earnings are devalued by inflation.

The solution is quite obvious: you need to become a better investor.


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